Tyler, The Creator - Odd & Twisted Lyrics

Tyler, The Creator Lyrics

Odd & Twisted Lyrics
Hey guys (Golf Wang!)

I'm Peter Rosenberg, super-underground
You know me, you see my laptop, I mean
Apple is pretty mainstream but I have underground stickers
So it levels out..

[Verse 1 - Domo Genesis]
Y'all niggas got it twisted, we ain't the Misfits
We the sick shit, make the competition slit wrists
Bodybag, beats get rapped like it's Christmas
Popping tags, I stay in Dior cause I'm Christian
Nigga listen: I been killing this since I was the
Age of the face that R. Kelly pissed in
In the booth, I'm brawling to be like the Pistons
Only smoke flyin', you can't hit if you ain't pitched in!
And bitch stop talking, let the marijuana sink in
And when that chauffeur roll up, you better get in
You and your 6 friends, even your big friend
Got a gang of wolves that slay hoes like henchmen
OF kill someone, yeah nigga we shipped it
Local ass nigga, we overseas on you dipshits
Walking flex tweet, motherf*cker take a Twitpic
Kidnapped the game and it won't quit bitching

[Verse 2: Tyler the Creator]
Duct tape, butter knife, now I'm breaking in homes
Now I'm in the cloud with Kelly, we're watching the throne
Until I get that motherf*cker, I'll be watching your home
Then I try to go harder than Niagara Boulder
Look like [?]
And all about a bunch of f*cking Lindsay Lohans
That don't even know me, trying to give me that old handjob
F*ck that ho! Blow me
The GI Joe of OF is slowly
Slowly running shit, his toes are swollen
Gobbler left the bridge, no more patrolling
Stick my finger in any hole I can find: f*ck bowling!
I'm making that virgin bone me
In that green shit that grew and it stuck, my bank account is moldy
Me and Wanda Sykes is holding
Hands til I eat her cooter like a bowl of ravioli
Chef Boyar-T, on tour, had to make a couple pit stops
Ended up at a f*cking hipster club called the Pink Drop
When they said they hated on me and Odd Future kids
And how much they really love underground hip-hop
We don't give a f*ck! Like a virginized dick cock
After being tickled by a couple of these bitch shops
Young niggas, OF got this
Come to my show and see niggas in the mosh pit
Cat on my cotton
Zebra print 5 panel from Jebbia Now I'm flyer than an ostrich
VMA-nom, yes, video my set
Harder than Nakel nak, nollie-ing a nine-set
Thrasher, Billboard, couple of them issues
Boy flow colder than a face stuck in igloo
I'ma f*ck the game until my herpes covered dick's bruised

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