Tyler The Creator - Odd Toddlers Lyrics

Tyler The Creator Lyrics

Odd Toddlers Lyrics
[Verse 1: Tyler]
Hello, the Hype is so Mellow
Bitch I'm dope and my pipe is so yellow
The blue polka dots, pink stripes and it's pink on the title
Nigga f*ck your role model bitch, I'm my own idol and
If you can't face it my nigga, you can ass it
My accessorize accessories bring out my assets
Nigga they sound on acid, tablets
Stussy's G-Shock with my custom pair of 3D glasses
I suffer from ADHD
I should win a f*ckin' award for bein' me
Beat bangin' the tom-toms
My producer selection is fresh nigga, f*ck Vons
Ace the Underdog, thrown 'em on the back bender
Cause I change my outfit more than transsexuals change gender
Eating Belgium waffles with Italian biscotts
I sold my soul to the devil for thirty percent off
And to you emo kids who walk around pissed off
Step one: pull your panties down and start to piss off
Step two: run to your radio, turn this shit off
Nigga didn't bother, so my father didn't help
So when my mom would beat my ass, she would always hit me
With Gucci belts, Gucci imprint from leather welts

[Verse 2: Tyler]
I'm so dapper man, funky fresh dapper dan
I'm your favorite rapper fan, it's an honor to shake my hand
On award tour, on excursions, I'm a virgin of swap meets
I'm so pure, so sick it's no cure
I'm dope, where the fiends at? Aight, where the jeans at?
The hat, the crew, the t-shirt is Supreme

[Verse 3: Casey Veggies]
And they see me they play pictionary
I got a good way with words like a dictionary
And in that dictionary my name is Bob Fresh
They at the same spot they making no progress
Becoming a good rapper ain't that easy
Of a process, eargasms they have 'em
The hotels we styin' in twelve star
Tyler say "Yo Casey just write a twelve bar"
If I'm with twelve people, I'm with twelve stars
You haters what up, you Gods
They against us, oh no
Red and white diamonds, Supreme box logo

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