Tyler, The Creator - I Just Bought A Bugatti (I'm Happy) Lyrics

Tyler, The Creator Lyrics

I Just Bought A Bugatti (I'm Happy) Lyrics
[Young Nigga:]
Nigga we ballin'
All of my niggas get airtime
Niggas call burner "the barber"
The way I push it to his hairline
Nigga gotta problem, hit the nigga with the llama
If a nigga gotta problem, shoot a nigga in his dick
I'm the slumpy man
Good night little bitch it's bedtime
30 around my belt loop, and i'm not talking my waist size
Burner in the cut, nigga
Pasta eat that for lunch, nigga
School of hard knocks, i got a degree in
Swagging on you f*ck niggas
I smoke like a rasta
Eat like italian that expensive pasta
You don't want that problem
I'm Dr. Dolittle, I talk to the llama
I should buy a whale i just bought a lion his name is Damonté
I just bought Bugatti, I drove all the way to San Clemente
Young Nigga spend 30 racks on his belt cuz
Young Nigga got bread like a homeless shelter
I make snow angels with the cocaine
All my niggas keep heaters, we don't need jackets

[Hook: Young Nigga]
I spent a lot of money, I'm happy
I slumped a f*ck nigga, I'm happy
I f*cked a Thotiana, I'm happy
I just bought a Bugatti, I'm happy

I'm so damn happy (so damn happy)
You niggas can't doubt me (niggas can't doubt mehh)
I'm always happy (I'm always happy)
As long as I got money
And these bitches on me
They really want me
Girl, get up on me
You know that I want you
You know what me and money can do

[Hook: Young Nigga]
I spent a lot of money, I'm happy
I slumped a f*ck nigga, I'm happy
I f*cked a Thotiana, I'm happy
I just bought a Bugatti, I'm happy

[Jasper Dolphin:]
Bad ghetto bitch, oh god, she on me
Nasty nigga eat the pussy like macaroni
You talkin' shit I got the dogs they be on me
I got the toolie in the 'stendo they be on me
Turn't up nigga in the club
With a bad bitch, nigga I'm smoking bud
I don't give a f*ck, crash here in the club
I'm a J, nigga what's good
J's over here, J's over there
Me and my partner, Js
All we do is smoke weed, I'm over here

Aba-akeh I kill 'em
Just like that shit
These muh'f*ckas over here
I'onno why they talkin' shit
Cause they see me on my shit, nigga
I'm always on my shit
Yeeeaahhh, may as well look dumb and take a shit
All over you pussy-ass hoes, this is how it goes
You finnah smoke, bitch, take off yo clothes (oooowoahoooowoah)
Do this shit fo sho
Can't f*ck with me and my flow
Nigga, this how it gooooooo
Bitch, I'm off the chain, off the chain
Chillin' on my neck right here
This my f*ckin' thang
Dude, this shit is off the chain
Do you muh'f*ckas see the shit in my brain?
Y'all just the same niggas, aren't you? Saaaaaaaaame

Yeah, nigga
You know it ain't a muthuhf*ckin' track unless L-Boy on this shit
We done shut it down. Young Nigga. IceJJ collab, my nigga
I'm letting y'all know, niggas. It's real official now, my nigga
We comin' in ya house, slappin' ya breakfast burrito out yo hand, nigga
Cause we happy, nigga
We takin' the irrigation system. And f*ckin' it up, my nigga
We changin' ya muthuhf*ckin' address, nigga
'Cause we ain't playin' no mo', nigga
We uprootin' your carpet, nigga
Puttin' hardwood floors in, nigga
It's over
I'm runnin' in ya house, shootin' ya first-born son
Changin' his diaper after he's dead. My nigga
What's good, nigga? What are we? What? (Ooh) Nigga
We changin' ya address 'cause we happy, nigga. (Ooh)
We outta this bitch, nigga. (We out this bitch, nigga)

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