Tyler The Creator - I Follow You (Tyler, The Creator Remix) Lyrics

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I Follow You (Tyler, The Creator Remix) Lyrics
[Verse 1: Lykke Li]
Oh I beg you: can I follow?
Oh I ask you: why not always?
Be the ocean, where I unravel,
Be my only, be the water where I'm wading.

You're my river running high,
Run deep, run wild.

I-I follow, I follow you
Deep sea baby, I follow you
I-I follow, I follow you
Dark doom honey, I follow you

[Verse 2: Lykke Li]
He a message; I'm the runner.
He the rebel; I'm the daughter waiting for you.


[Verse 3: Tyler]
Wait, you wanna f*ckin' drown? Go ahead
Head first in that goddamn river, you're dead
I said that I loved you, heartbeats when you get near
So it's clear why I f*cked you (I love you)
X's and O's, you must be the rose
Cause my exes are hoes, and where you gonna go
When you run through my head all day?
And I got a foot fetish, so I probably have sex with your toes
Um, life is a water park, could be fun
I'd swim in your ocean of love
If I had a life jacket cause I'm not that dumb
So next time I come, I'll bring you one
So you don't drown, when you decide to follow
And I'm gonna go deep cause you're not that shallow, right?


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