Tyler, The Creator - BLOW MY LOAD Lyrics

Tyler, The Creator Lyrics

I don't want you thinking I love you cause I stay
Girl I really like you and happy we got laid
I think about your windows like two times in a day
I'm a pervert with a purpose, like priest who just got saved
Kissing, kissing, I'm on a mission of licking
The holy grail of your body, when you be kissin', Mrs
This is a kid from Africa, you, you are a kitchen
I come quicker than pitches from Sammy Sosa
You hoping I'm joking, but first

[Hook x2:]
I'ma eat your pussy til you tell me you can't take it
Screaming "Stop it," don't you fake it, wanna tape it
Grab my camera
Nine months later with a Tyler baby
But that won't happen til I blow my load

Your pussy tighter than door hinges
I munch you like sandwiches
But not any more cause I'm on tour, so
Look: FaceTime your clit, I will jack off my dick
I go hard, shit
I might need an ice pack on my wrist
F*cking, I'm pumping
You know it's coming, bust in a couple of seconds
I'm sweating, I leave you slump
In the back of my truck, butt naked
Suck it out of me
I leave you with nothing, get it?
This is what you wanted, this is what you came for


You blow me away
With your cherry
(Can't breathe)

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