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Tyler, The Creator Lyrics

Awkward Lyrics
[Verse 1]
I was 16 when we first laid eyes
Scrawny little f*cker yeah I was that guy
And you was down for the weekend
I was down for the greeting
And your eyes the same color shit that jasper be chiefing
Couple freckles on ya noses, roses made you blush
Gentleman I was like I wasn't tryna f*ck
But it was my first offical date so I was stuck like
It was past curfew, and we was at the grove
And it was raining, and I had to be home
And then you grabbed my hand, talking about trying to get home safe
All I remember, was your motherf*cking face, your face

I play in your hair
As you rub on my ears
Then we awkwardly stare until our lips locked
Then we awkwardly stared because our lips locked
Now it's awkward in here because our lips locked
Feels like I'm floating in air
Can't you believe that this dare turned into a reality when our lips locked
Man this feels like a dream because our lips locked
You officially put my feelings inside a ziplock bag

[Verse 2]
You gotta a nigga sprung, whenever I'm holding your hand
And making eye can-tact I feel like the damn man
Cause even though I am and get round of applauses
I'm insecure then I start to think that I do not stand chance
But, moments, wish that I could own em or lease it or clone it
Because holding your fingertips is golden.
I f*cking love you, I treat my problems like a bowling ball &
I grip and keep holding on


[Verse 3]
You got a nigga sprung
Wait, don't think this is going to work
Things got complicated and a couple feelings got hurt
I haven't talked to you in a couple of days,
I got too comfortable and started to think we were really a couple
But hey at least it was time spent.
But by the time you will hear this you will know what these rhymes meant
But when you realize its awkward your names still my password
So I'm always f*ckin' reminded

[Outro: Tyler & Frank Ocean]
You're my Girlfriend.. you're my Girl (Whether you like it or not!)
You're my girl.. you're my girlfriend, you're my Girl Girlfriend
You're my girl, you're my girlfriend, you're my Girl (Shit I know that you're my)
You're my girl, you're my girlfriend, you're my girlfriend
You're my girl.. oooo
You're my, you're my Girl
Ooooo girlfriend... girlfriend..
You're my girlfriend you're my girl girlfriend you're my Girl
You're my girlfriend

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