Tyler The Creator - Anarchy Lyrics

Tyler The Creator Lyrics

Anarchy Lyrics
[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
I am sinful sentiment
Criminal Demon sent
The f*ck your rumor lifestyle
What is your profile?
Bet it ain't zero to one eighty in two point five
I'm in a five point five
With my three five seven
Five bitches in the back listen to my voice like reverend
I drop them off in a parking lot
They run to their civic chevron
More meddling to the peddling
Going home to her hesband (hesband? F*CK YOUR HUSBAND BITCH)
Nigga I break your Mac-zilla to the max-I-mum
Blondy va-cuums cum, sucks like drac-u-la
Dirt De vil Cruella, white chocolate vanilla
Polka dotted spotted wallet interior croc-a-della
I'm cultivated face it smiles motivated braces
Start with your clothes and make up
Lashes rings and bracelets
Our strippers so naked
American apparel spandex
Blows like a air conditioner
I'll make her a fan next
O.F. shows six tickets to row six
She catch six I throw six
She stretch dicks aerobics a blow fish
I know this, this ho-bitch
I sold tits to old rich motherf*cks who she gold-digs (GIMME THAT GOLD!)

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]
Guns n Roses! F*cking Poses!
Nigga keep spittin' that snotty noses
Keep breaching that hocus pocus
I keep three sixes cause the shit is bogus
Boloney, malarkey, hutch and starsky
Shit is gettin' fishy with' a box of sardines
Now I gotta eat them like shark and the shit is
Getting harder than a concretes dick
O.F. Sergent
Cleaner than a virgin tryin' to f*ck de-tar-gent
That's a bargain
Wolf gang wolf gang cats is barking
Try calling the bounce
Nigga guns is sparking!
Light is darkened end is starting
The car of giving a f*ck is parking
Feel that heart beat n' get that car key
And drive the motherf*cker into that anarchy!
Start that car
Drive to nowhere and nowhere's far
And when you get there say hi to the dead kids walking

[Hodgy Beats:] Tyler nigga you driving kinda fast nigga
[Tyler, The Creator:] I know [laughs]
[Hodgy Beats:] Yo, I dare you to drive a little faster
[Tyler, The Creator:] [laughs]
[Hodgy Beats:] I dare you to drive a little faster
[Tyler, The Creator:] I'm a do it
[Hodgy Beats:] O shit! Ey man look at that anarchy
[Tyler, The Creator:] Where
[Hodgy Beats:] Nigga I dare you to f*cking drive into that shit. I f*cking dare you!
[Tyler, The Creator:] hmmmm
[Hodgy Beats:] Nigga you not gonna do it. I F*CKING DARE YOU!
[Car drives and turns around]
[Tyler, The Creator:] uhhh [laughs]
[Car parks]
[Tyler, The Creator:] ummm alright GO!
[Car takes off]

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