Travis Scott - Zombies Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Zombies Lyrics
And the kids sing
Yea, I like that, I like that, kids sing

We will understand if they don't
We don't want they bullshit no more

[Verse 1:]
Alright, alright, alright
You take too many martinis, she slip straight out bikini
She let me grand slam outside the Denny's
How we gone get Oscar proud if they pay us penny's?
I'mma need my dollars now, stack it till they envy
Ya feel me?
The kids they need that
I get that feedback, sit back, relax
I'm on that relapse
Yo ass gone die if you blow my high
I been over Coastin' just was beatin' in my lotus
All that loud talk like your dope we never notice
You ain't feelin' it, nigga, cause you sober
I'm ballin' in the game with players, you behind the coaches
Come take a trip on my lair by the Third Coast
Come floatin'
La di, da, di, da, di, all the kids shout at the party


You know when I was fourteen
I wanted to do a lot of kick ass shit

[Verse 2:]
Pornographic, so dramatic, cinematic
Diamond flashes, so drastic, dress so classic
Roll that cabbage, get put in casket, you dope fanatic
You the baddest, I'm sarcastic, we both laughin'
I'm the baddest, I'm out in traffic foreign gym baggin'
Stuffed in Suburban, twelve bitches straight out the beauty pageant
You know Reebok keep La feet hot, they be shipping package
GL 600 or the palace that collab with classics
Tell me what you need, I got everything green
Money, money, money trees, I buy everything
That bitch need no wedding ring, she need a bean
That boy walked in mall, that boy he need a beam
I done f*cked her twice you bought her fendi things
I done sipped the act Now Imma leany fiend
I can do this by myself, don't need no team
I got all these kids and all these kids gone sing


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