Travis Scott - Sway In The Morning Freestyle Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Sway In The Morning Freestyle Lyrics
Diving a hearse, I dive and I curse
I dive at my worst, we dive and we lurk
Out on the scene, blowing on green
Denim my jeans, Molly you know where they're seen
Margiela dipping, I coast, I'm out on the boat
We freestlye, niggas is spitting rhymes off the throat
I'm moving, I'm scheming moving, I'm dodging and grooving
Sway in the Morning, nigga ain't losing
IPhone 6, I'm chirping and lurking the scene
You know I get it, blowin' I'm blowin' that mean
Mr. So Clean, no bald head the dreads never, the braids whether
You niggas out here changing the weather (rain)
My dollar bills are hundreds and fifties, no twenties
Tens, I never get it, money is plenty
On a billion dollar mind scheme, on the rhyme scheme
You know La Flame doing a hundred damn five things
Dressed here, with the retro, might pull up on your show Trillelectro
Might hit the Amsterdam with the mess low
La Flame coming through, with the next flow
I'm looking at the dash, it's 12:06
I'm looking at your girl, thats my bitch!
You took her out now, she living with (me)
I ain't rolling through, with written shit
This is straight flow, waking up at the 9AM, blowing dope
Nigga like me, I'm blowing smoke
Hotel at my door, like "you gotta go,"
I ain't leaving 'til 4, yeah you gotta know
Free the Snowman, free my nigga Meek Milly
He the first nigga showed me duffle bag with millie
Nigga put me in a Bentley, nigga blowing Philly
Had me out in Philly, after Wet Willies
Took 'em to Miami, took 'em to damn Diddy
Out on the boat rolling, I'm sipping on wet willies
Once again no Ciroc, I'm moving, I'm moving good
Shout my nigga Ye, we all G.O.O.D
Shout my nigga T.I, the Hustle Gang good
Shout my niggas, NY, I'm blowing Backwoods
You know how we get it, I'm kicking it freestyle
Days Before Rodeo, nigga go get wit it

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