Travis Scott - Quintana Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Quintana Lyrics
La Flame...

[Chorus 2X: Travis Scott]
Straight from Mexico, call her Quintana
...Damn she smoke my dope
...Swear to God we go Rambo
...If you disrespect the dope

[Travis Scott]
Praise to the pope, bless you with this dope
Step into my world where we get ghost, cause in my mind we float (straight up)
Everytime we step into 1 Oak, they tweaking off the coke
F*ck I'm out my mind, I'm burning bread so much lets have a toast
My niggas and momma know that if I wasn't here, nigga I'd be dead (straight up)
Now I'm in the building thinking billions counting millions, what a feeling
'Member when I never ever made shit? (Straight up)
Now me and my niggas rocking chains and whipping slave ships, now who the slave bitch? (Straight up)


[Travis Scott]
Straight from the lair or Himalayas
I got more keys than the mayor, let's have a prayer (bless up)
So devine, I put my pager, I hit her later
Dawn to dust I'm trying to get made, I been up for days (straight up)
Damn I'll never popped another pill, man that shit is real
Girl you know you f*cking with La Flame, you know you know the drill
I reach to the heavens, lord forgive me I sin
May La Flame live forever, and always bring them in (straight up)

[Chorus - 1X]

Look, god niggas can't f*ck with me, I've got a bunch of bitches tryna f*ck with me
I'm unsociable with like most of them cause I don't socialize with them suckers, man
Lyrically I will demolish, this is the nail in the coffin, niggas is soft
Niggas remind me of nails at a spa so under-polished, novices
They barkin' up the wrong tree (Double M)
Trust me if you with me then you goin' eat
I got them sweatin' like these bitches herein all day
And I'm off Atlantic, 2-1 rob 'em, bumbaclot, nigga
Not a P-O-K, I'm out for the VS, get lifted, few zips like a c-check
Use piff, short words for the loose girls, all mine's re-up, y'all regret
Don't worry 'bout my team, my team is set, don't worry 'bout T, it's in depth
{When it come to the ma'f*ckin' c-notes} we starters, it's the ma'f*ckin' glee club, goddamn

[Interlude: A$AP Bari (Travis Scott)]
La Flame, don't play no games
These niggas is lames
This niggas ain't lords, we the new lords
(Mercy me, oh, mercy me) [4X]


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