Travis Scott - Grey Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Grey Lyrics
[Hook: Travis Scott and James Fauntleroy]
We wake up when the sun goes down
Neighbor says the smell's too loud
Riding in my old school thang
Shotgun with my old school babe
So wake me when the sun goes down
Tonight's my last night in town
I pledge to a flag so grey
No matter what time the skies are grey
The sky is grey

[Verse 1:]
Around this time, was starvin no Ramadan
Mighta robbed you blind
You, you, you, your dad and moms
Yea, keep that in mind
Fear 2 things being broke and dying
Jump your ass inside, LSD come take this ride
No AC, ID, how you get your ass inside
Good, take one peek at me, you might get lost in my mind
Yea, f*ck that college shit, that scholarship, let's hypnotize
Yeah, ooh


[Verse 2:]
Might be the last time I trip
I know I said this shit last time
But damn I never had a trip like this
Who knew a threeway on freeway can trip with three hoes to a sixway
Ain't gotta finness out the midway
So Bird can wrap birds in that bengay
No more, goddamn
And pops never gave me shit
But pops ain't raised no bitch
I swung, I missed, he swung, he hit, then I hit that ditch
Raised in a town where it looked so good outside like it ain't that serious
My nigga got dumb years doing dumb shit
Locked up in the car, had to pull a gun quick
Killa tatted on his face, leaked to his conscious
Now he stuck in a cell, know he feeling nauseous
The nigga so good, he was so cold
Another lost kid, Mo City soul

The sky is grey

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