Travis Scott - Basement Freestyle Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Basement Freestyle Lyrics
Got my nigga Easy in this motherf*cker
Dead stock sixes and shit
Got my nigga Metro in this motherf*cker

[Verse 1:]
Buy the bar, buy the bar bitches on my table everywhere
On the floor condoms on my dresser
On my business, never plannin'
Never sober thinkin' blew me up
Body shots took on your bitches titties
Slow it down, pick it up, f*ck a third
Speed the fourth gear grindin' up on everything is mine
Here I got it now, everything I ever asked for
We gettin' it, far from mama's jeep she never tinted it
She frozed up, I unfrozed her, now come a little closer
Get your ass up off that wall and go roll up that doja
Tell your boyfriend bust that ki go ahead and fill that nose up
Till it's over, we ain't lookin' for the hoes with the trophies
Grab a glass go ahead get throwed up
She feelin' it, don't spill the shit
She crazy, she goin', she goin'

All this money on the table
We don't want relations
We don't want no conversations
F*ck around and change your world
Damn I'm with my main bitch
And I don't love her no mo'
Drinkin' f*ck the limitations
I done made it out the basement
F*ck around and change the weather

[Verse 2:]
I'm off a bean, I'm off a bean
Shit it's lean that's in my dreams
Off the stove, don't wanna smoke
Off this road I might just roll
Let's get throwed
Out in Houston they know my name
In MO city they know the gang
Young La Flame ain't nothin' changed
But the chains and diamond rings
I lost my brains me and Ye Ye
Out in broad day
I'm on the 3rd coast
Eatin' [?] with Merlot
I got my shirt off
Kickin' dirt off
Out in Bergdorf
She like what you doin'?
It took a path just to get me here
Don't give a damn if that's ruined
Later on got a ring, ring, ring
She at my doorbell ding, ding, ding, ding
Let the bitch in the bitch seen bang out bang out
On the couch, on the floor, in her mouth
Cameras out
Once my dicks in no pulling out

That's my baby straight up
Bitch been doing coke since the 80's
I'm a 90's baby
Young La Flame you know we crazy


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