Travis Scott - BACC*** Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

BACC*** Lyrics
Metro Boomin want some more nigga

Back hitting licks, back on that dirty
Cuzzo back on the block, he back servin' birdies
Plug hit my switch, damn he woke me up early
If that bitch smell like swiss, oh no no no, don't serve her

Black out nigga, deeper than a frat house nigga
Doper than the crack house nigga
20-20 Lambo new edition gotta hit two gears just to back out nigga
Been a hell of a night but hell of a dykes cost a hell of a price
With a devil in a new dress on the 35th floor, nigga god damn that's a hell of a sight
Damn right that is, damn right she drowned my kids
Damn right don't doubt, damn right
Damn right, I hit anything I said I did
Damn right, only roll that gas don't pass that mid
Just treat a pint like a handle
When I'm with your girl, I hit your girl in the bando
Know I go commando
Know I need my cheese, know my cheese, know the nachos
Fall back, back, back, when you see me
Fall back when you see me tweakin'
Throw that ass back, back, back, back, know a nigga might throw that ticket
Feds hit my block, it got hot
But I'm back up in this bitch and I can't stop


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