Tove Lo - Got Love Lyrics

Tove Lo Lyrics

Got Love Lyrics
When I breathe and I breathe into you and I feel it right to the bone
And I give what you give and we go even higher than we are strong
And the cracks and the walls covered up by the sheets we live underneath
All the sex, all the nights we stay up yeah we're stuck but we're more than free

Got the world in our hand like a land

[Chorus x2:]
Good enough to make the ocean look like it's a pond
Good enough to turn the valleys into mountain tops
And we live like legends now, know that would never die
Oh, we got love, we got love

I can feel that you feel what I feel and I feel it all in your hands
When we touch it's too much and you're making me move now you make me dance
Going body to body for good saying nobody gets it right
We don't plan, we don't care, got the fume and the flame, we don't let it die

Got the world in our hand like a land

[Chorus x2]

Perfect like a picture
I know we are one in the same
Perfect like a picture
Even when they look through the grains

[Chorus x2]
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