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Too $hort Lyrics

Sadity Lyrics
[Intro: Daz ($hort)]
Uhh, yeah
This for all them girls that be actin like they so fine
Whassup $hort?
(Man grab Lil Jon and Kurupt) Kurupt
(Let's f*ck these hoes up) Daz
(Yeah) Lil Jon
(Whassup with that bitch?)

She want it, Gucci'd up, jewelry'd down
Give a f*ck if you fine bitch, we got to clowwwn
Break it down for all you bad hoes
E'rybody's somebody, yeah they gots to know
Livin off a scholarship, parents and lawsuits
Wanted that pussy girl, soon as I saw you
Baby girl you the freak of the week
So sadity, you ain't pretty girl, suck on theeeese
Sorry, don't want me to talk like dat
I gotta see you girl when you walk like dat
Ask your name and number and I start to wonder
Is there any mo' stuck up hoes out yonder
Sexy brown chocolate vanilla white child
I like yo' ass and I like yo' smile
But all that smirkin gon' get you cussed out
F*ck you bitch, put this dick in your mouth

[Chorus: Daz]
See I don't, know why, you act so sadity
You're superbad bitch but your ass ain't pretty
Show me your ass girl, then show me yo' titties
Too $hort, Lil Jon and Pound get wit it

(Why you act sadity.. why you act sadity..)
(Why you act sadity.. why you act sadity..)

[Too $hort: over Interlude]
F*ck that bitch!
With her sadity ass

Damn, look at her, what's your name?
How come I ain't never met you in the game?
You somebody I could have on my side
We could partner in crime, it's just you and I
The problem is that you're just a bitch
I couldn't trust you as far as you can sit and piss
Look bitch, I know you got bank
You're actin rude, and your attitude is stank bitch
But that shit won't work with me
Uncle Too $hort, or D-A-Z
See I'm bangin to Lil Jon
When this dumb pretty bitch turned my radio off
Had a nigga, so pissed off
So I laid right back and let her eat my dick off
Yeah bitch, I'm talkin to you
Stop actin high sadity bitch, chill be cool


[Too $hort:]
You got money in your purse girl
Shake that ass, make it work girl
Tryin to shake it 'til it hurt girl
I'm fin' ta check yo' ass
Lil' bad-ass bitch came through with her clique
They all look good, I'm like who would I pick
When they walk past me, I do 'em like this
Grab that ass, let her feel on my dick
Actin fake sadity and stuck up
Sittin next to her, she holla get the f*ck up
You ain't never too cute to get slapped
Shit gon' change when you get with a mack
You can't hold back when you f*ck with me
Don't let me find out that you're just a tease
Don't let me find out you won't suck my balls
Bitches like that I don't f*ck with y'all
I f*ck with bad bitches, my girls do it all
I ain't gotta finance trips to the mall
Tell that fine-ass bitch I'm Todd Shaw
As I stick my dick in her jaw

[Chorus + Interlude]
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