Too $hort - I'm A Pimp Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

I'm A Pimp Lyrics
[Too $hort:]
Short Dawg in the house
My nigga Hayes in the motherf*ckin house

[Chorus: Hayes]
Cause she don't call by 12 then she don't get to go
It's my little secret she don't get to know
Got a bitch on the side but she gon' get to go
To my right is my wife to my left is my hoe
I'm a pimp

And I'm slow to stank
The only alternative to that kilo cake
Give you the same rush as when you slangin bricks
When the feds come to town I rely on my bitch
There I is, runnin with my backup plan
My momma said you need somethin to fall back on man
And since I ain't got no GD or college grants
I talk a chick into sellin pussy right out her pants
By choice, I place it in 'em
Like puttin directions in your navi system
Like teachin white chicks great dancin rhythm
I'm evolvin the game and enhancin pimpin
Here I go - runnin plays like a coach
10 G's a night like winnin the Superbowl
5 G's a night like winnin the playoffs
There's no need for practice so it's no days off


[Chorus: first four lines with Too $hort instead]

[Too $hort:]
I always maintain multiple relationships
What I say to a bitch I have her makin chips
I don't prostitute, every woman in my life
Got hoes, a daughter, a momma and a wife
Like my nigga Hayes, I know how to send 'em
If you check my DNA you'll find a lot of pimpin
I don't stop winnin, I keep hot women
But the prettiest hoes, sometimes it's not in 'em
Everything I want I'm gettin it
And if my hoes can't get it, my bitch is rich
I got habits, man my life is lavish
I'm hooked on money, I'm a God damn savage
Call me daddy, no I don't drive a Caddy
I keep it parked in my garage and push the S-550
I'm the Too S-H, O-R-T
You lil' BITCH! You ain't as hard as me


It's no accident
I'm puttin on the risk where the cash is spent
From sittin on the black with the glass is tint
Feet raised, I live the life you imaginin
On the ground, then we above the sky
In our PJ's feelin like a private eye
Codename: Magnum, yeah I'm the guy
That'll have your girlfriend tellin you a lie
And I'm sorry, I don't mean to do it
My prominent specialist says I've seen her do it
And I'm so on the scene and my steam is the newer
Yeah I'm the shit and that attracts your bitch
She can feel it - and I have the fire
I adjust the levels while equalizer
She know whatever she want we can go buy it
Any experiments and we can go try it
Horseback and the skydivin
Menage-a-trois and jet-ski ridin
Or just chillin while they at my old iceland
That's my wife but I feel that


[Too $hort:]
Shout out to all the real pimps
Where you at mayne?
Yeah, we still blowin
Where the weed smokers at?
You in the mix bitch
Too $hort
Gotta send a special shoutout to all the real hookers
Get your money bitch! [echoes]
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