Too $hort - Don't Ever Stop Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Don't Ever Stop Lyrics
I'm the young emcee that don't rap too long
Everytime I spit a rap is a brand new song
Always coming that fresh is so cold
You wouldn't have time to look at my world
Cuz you be dancing to the beat having a ball
Then I'll tell you to give me a call
I'm Too $hort baby I always say
When I'm rapping to the beat I don't play
I'm on the up and up so for real
Rapping that rap realer way real
Working that suckers everyday striving to be hard
Stacked with bean pies in the back of the car
Playing Too $hort in your stereo
I couldn't even hear your radio
Cuz just can't quit it short done took it
Found it like a tag ain't nothing but amusing
Just being short you think I'm small
But eye to eye I stand too tall
I make not make sense but I make mail
The beat don't stop and I just can't
Keep on going and I just won't stop
Too $hort over don't even stop
That's how I am that's how I jam
Just don't stop rapping when I regress
Being a rapper ain't everything
They madder now lost they change
On the short watch the cops say let's got
Raps to raps rocks to rhyme
So many raps all the time
Making raps everyday and still can see
The dope with a ride won't come to me
I spit raps every week of the year
Rapping on the mic just screaming snitch
My homie T rocks came hit me up
Went in the studio came hitting it up
Always catching the flash out of the cap
No hoes its all straight rap
No breaks no fakes just straight man T
And I always know what to do
The girl the other day just block up
Too $hort baby might just walk up
To me and she had to act Too $hort sews the rap
When I told baby all yes I am
We were walking down the street holding them
She said Too $hort spit that rhyme
And next thing you know that freak was mine
Girls going wild seeing female funk
Riding in the cut just hugging the back
Call me short and the girls I play
Love Too $hort when you hear me say

Girl that's your life
Girl why you smoking that hype

To the girls girls all the girls
Real long hair or short curls
Here's to you a special toast
Its all about you cuz I'm the most
If you hold it down let me hear you rap
Fresh to the beat don't even stop
Everybody on the mic or the floor say Too $hort
Suckers don't know that rapping game
Spitting on the mic can't even hang
With these sucker emcees every check
Rapping like this they will soon begin to realize
That rap is made to be tamed and ticked rush released
To the rap fans that can do like this
Just rock to the beat don't fade that shit
You probably wonder about rapping what does it mean
To thing with wondering things
Spending fresh leather what does it seat
Got a bright color you know it's cheap
Not loud enough to make an elephant speak
Put them to your homeboy mack
I'm all about rapping but it ain't like that
You better tell your homeboy don't make me laugh
I'm the too s.h.o.r.t. I don't rap wacks
I'm a too emcee all you sucker rappers hanging with me
Its a shame cuz in the bay they won't let it be
Keep on lying and see what happens
Too $hort baby just won't stop rapping
All I can do is just keep smacking
Cuz Too $hort baby just won't stop rapping
Yes tip roll the strip
I'm going to take your mind on a serious trip
Like a video like I'm tight hoes
Girls just rolling like leave me alone
Even though I'm on my back still let me in
If I did it to the front I'm a do it again
Sir Too $hort won't even stop don't stop

I'm here to stay cuz I'm so cold
Riding round town dripped in fold
I'm the laughing man laughing all night long
Got freaks out there freaking to my song
Couldn't put backstabbing thevies to work
I'm putting biching emcees to the whole earth
Spitting them tenders on a wild goose chase
Up in the hills making my place
Getting raps getting traps found and clowned
Everytime you see short baby you get down
Cuz the raps I make are the raps you like
The way Too $hort rocks the mic
This one of a kind rapping style
Had the freaks in the back just going wild
When I spit that line what's the deal
Bitch bitch bitch make me rich
I have such a good mannered mind
Sometimes I might make dirty rhymes
But these are just some dirty times out fresh
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