Tony Martin - Back Where I Belong Lyrics

Tony Martin Lyrics

Back Where I Belong Lyrics
Fast running river so deep and so cold
Screaming like thunder could take
This burning soul
But would it stop me loving you
Never thouhgt it would last forever
Or be over quite so soon
Caught alone in the dark night
Gotta get it back gotta get back to you
I just can't stop loving you

Back where I belong in your arms again
Wishing I was back where I belong
In your arms again

Some nights it's easy I simply forget
Stained sheets and moonlight,
The faded words we said
Will it stop me loving you
Pictures of indifference hand
On walls of borrowed time
I can't wait no longer
Cause you're always on my mind
Still you got me loving you

When I carved your name into my heart
I felt no pain you left your mark, baby
Now I can't stop thinkin'
Just how good a bad woman feels
It's the nightmare that kills

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