Tony Martin - Angel In The Bed Lyrics

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Angel In The Bed Lyrics
Hanging up my Gossamer wings, that flew me
Through the night
I lay my weary head down and everything's alright
Then a light shone through my window and my eyes
began to swim
And a shiver ran through my body
As she touched my skin

Then I heard a voice say baby I was sent
Here to rock'n'roll

Then there's an angel in the bed
Movin' like a devil
An angel in the bed

Holding on to every sense and waiting for a sign
She moved just like a whisper and lay
Her wings with mine
Then the light turns down into a glow
And the years just fade away
As she took my body to heaven and left my
Soul to stray

Angel, can't believe I'm seeing there's an
Angel, where's it gonna stop
Angel, tell me that it's real
If I wait for a minute sure the penny's gonna drop

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