Tony Bennett - Sweet Georgie Fame Lyrics

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Sweet Georgie Fame Lyrics
Words and music are all that I need
I will follow wherever they lead
And I'm finding more fun in the game
A groovy boy has brought us joy, sweet Georgie Fame
Oh, I heard him one night quite by chance
Now wherever I'm walking, I dance
And London is not quite the same
'cause when it sings, the city swings, sweet Georgie Fame

London Bridge is falling down
Pop songs I hear with suspicion
But now at last I'm glad to meet a sweet lovin' real good musician
Oh, from Broadway to Festival Hall
I have listened and I've heard them all
And they say there's a few million dames
That are impressed, their ears are blessed with Georgie Fame

So stay a while, you'll see 'em smile, you won't complain
His hands and feet make music sweet, you'll miss your train
Your goose is cooked, you're gettin' hooked
On Georgie Fame!!!

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