Make It Better (Forget About Me) Lyrics by Tom Petty

Tom Petty Lyrics

Make It Better (Forget About Me) Lyrics
(Tom Petty and David A. Stewart)

I wanna make it better baby
Listen, I want to make it good again
Yes I want to make it better girl

Yeah better for you, and me
Baby wait and see
I know it's been a long, long time
But it's gonna be alright
No you musn't let it drag you down

Honey, there's a lot a fools around
But anything I can do, honey
I'm gonna do it' for you


Yeah good for and me
Baby please believe
That anything I can, baby I'm gonna do it for you
(Forget about me, forget these eyes)
(Forget about me, say goodbye)

These was too much rain, too much humility
Do you know why you did what you did to me?
Honey you're the jugde, there ain't no jury
And I'm just an innocent boy, used to bein' guilty
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