American Dream Plan B Lyrics by Tom Petty

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American Dream Plan B Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I'm gonna make my way through this world someday
I don't care what nobody say
American dream, political scheme
I'm gonna find out for myself someday
But I'm half-lit, I can't dance for shit
But I see what I want, I go after it
And my girl's alright, treats me nice
Sayin' nothin' but a woman puts out that light

I got a dream I'm gonna fight til I get it
I got a dream I'm gonna fight til I get it right
Til I get it right

[Verse 2:]
Oh well, my baby no doubt dreams further out
Makin' moves to get us someway someday
Well my honey don't trip, shoots from the hip
Tell me everything gonna be OK


[Verse 3:]
Well, my mama so sad
Daddy's just mad
'Cause I ain't gonna have the chance he had
My success is anybody's guess
But like a fool, I'm bettin' on happiness

[Chorus x2]
Writer: Thomas Earl Petty
Copyright: Lyrics © Adria K Music
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