Tommy Sands - Goin' Steady Lyrics

Tommy Sands Lyrics

Goin' Steady Lyrics
Tommy Sands

Hey, me and my baby are goin' steady
We ain't married but we're gettin' ready
to tie the knot, and I'm gonna make her my own.

Now that I've found her, I'm gonna keep her.
Finders keepers and losers weepers
She's my baby, she's goin' steady with me.

Well I've been movin round and round,
lived "bout all of my life.
But now I've got a steady babe
and I'm gonna love her for life.

All you roving ramblers can leave her alone
Don't even try to date her on the phone
cause she's my baby, she's goin' steady with me.


Now oh sweet baby that we're goin' steady,
I'll go up and ask you daddy
what he thinks if you and I are wed

Cause I love you and you love me
We're both as happy as we can be
and I hope your daddy
will let you go steady with me.

Well, we'll get that ring then be on our way
to see the preacher man.
And when I say "I do" sweetheart,
I'll slip the ring on your lovin' hand

Everything's a gonna turn out fine
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
cause you're my baby,

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