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Tommy Dorsey Lyrics

Do I Worrytd Lyrics
Do I Worry?
Tommy Dorsey
Music and Lyrics by Stanley Cowan and Bobby Worth

Do I worry
'Cause you're steppin' out?
Do I worry
'Cause you've got me in doubt?
Do I give a bag o' beans?
Do I stay home every night
And read my magazines?
Am I frantic
'Cause we've lost the spark?
Is there panic
When it starts turning dark?
And when evening shadows creep,
Do I lose any sleep over you?
Do I worry?
You can bet your life I do.

Do I worry
When your old flame calls?
Do I worry
If Niag'ra falls?
Though I know you like to flirt,
Do you think I really care?
Are my feelings really hurt
When you return a stare?
Am I curious
When the gossip flies?
Am I furious
'Bout your little white lies?
And when all our evenings end
"Cause you've got a sick friend who needs you,
Do I worry?
You know doggone well I do!

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