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Whoop De Woo Lyrics
[Verse 1: T-boz]
Hey wassup baby-boo I got a question 4 you
What is yo name yo sign yo number can I get up with you
I've had my eye out on you
Well are you feelin me too
We can hang out chit-chat whatever do da whoop-de woo

[Bridge: Chilli]
Wouldn't that be nice
If I happen to just blow your mind
On just one lonely night
I'm sure you'll have a good time
Because my love's so good
So gentle and so smooth
So whenever we whoop-de-woo
I'm a break it down on you (you? you)

Come on let's whoop-de-whoop-de-woo(whoo)
Come on let's have some fun cause I want you You want me and we want we
Come on let's whoop-de-whoop-de-woo(whoo)
Come on let's get together
I wanna know you wanna get deeper than ever

[Verse 2: T-boz]
So tell me what you gone do
Do you think you gone come through
See I wanna find out if those kinky rumors got you are true
You see I heard that from my crew
That you had me feelin brand new
Oh yeah they say you are an expert at whoop-de-woo



[Rap: Left Eye]
Yo I keep it blazin
It's so amazin
The occasion that I am raisin'
Mind body invasion
So who you savin all that love for
Open up ya mind explore
Make it hardcore
You can be da candyman
I'll be ya candystore
Give you just a little more than what you bargained for
And if you ask me for some guidance
It's not a minus
I'll break to a sinus

[Chorus x2]
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