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Get It Up Lyrics
Get it up
Get it up
TLC is back on the mic
You know
Get it up

Get it up
Get ready for a real good time
I'm gonna try to blow your mind
Can't you see you and me
It sounds so nasty

Get it up
Let your thang hang down
We could fool around
Don't you know
I want you so, yeah
Make me happy, oh

Get it up
Get it up

Get it up
There is nothing wrong
With freakin' all night long
Me and you we're in a groove
It feels good to me

Get it up
Leave your cares behind
Let me try to find
Find a spot to get you hot
Let me do you, oh

Get it up
Get it up

One time
There it is, there it is
Y'all know what it's like
Y'all know what I'm talkin' about too
I know y'all done did that nasty

Yo and the left is thinkin' about it
Just to think about it leaves your knees in tension
He's not tension loosen up enough enough to clenchin'
Whatever is mentioned, not to mention
What I hand you wit' in question and a question at hand

Are you ready to make me feel the definition of a man
Man, is it hot or is it me, me I guess
'Cause when it comes to feelin' free
Ya free villains on civility my sexuality
A formality of reality

So don't touch me in the morning and walk away
As I commence to yawnin' commence to stay
Stay up for the rest of the day just enough for my tongue to play
Play me back, back and forth like a kiss
As I go a little somethin' like this

Oh, you make me wanna sing
Oh, get me, get me up, yeah hey yeah

Get it up, get it up
I'll freak you all night
Get it up, get it up
I'll freak you all night
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