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Get Away Lyrics
Every time you come around
You always put me down
You're always on my case
That's why I act this way
Cuz livin' day to day
Is hard enough to face

No need to ask me why I feel so down
When your laughin' stops nobody comes around
And that's why I say

Don't try so hard
You're doing fine
Don't go too far
Don't cross the line
Don't push so hard
Cuz I might break
Just need a chance to get away

Everything in life we know
We gotta learn by the chance we take
If we don't give a damn about it
We would never try to make our way
Just be true about the way you feel
Cuz when it's right you gotta keep it real
And that's why I say



Why do you care
Nobody knows
But when you don't
It shows
The way that you live
Defines the truth
But the way that you feel
About your life reflects on you
And that's why I say



Don't try so hard
(Don't try so hard)
Don't go too far
(Don't go too far)
Don't try so hard
Don't go too far

That's why I say

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