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Creep (Darp Remix) Lyrics
Yes it's me again
It's me too girl
And I'm back
Don't forget the Left Eye
And Chilli in the house
Oh I oh I oh I baby (come on y'all)
Oh I oh I oh I yeah (check it out)
Oh I oh I oh I baby (come on)
Oh I oh I oh I yeah

The 22nd of lonliness and we've
Been through so many thangs (check it out)
I love my man with all honesty
But I know he's cheatin' on me
I look him in his eyes but all he
Tells me is lies to keep me near
I'll never leave him down though
I might mess around it's only
'Cause I need some affection oh

So I creep yeah
Just keep it on the down low
Said nobody is supposed 2 know
So I creep yeah
'Cause he doesn't know
What I do and no attention
Goes to show oh so I creep

The 23rd of lonliness
And we don't talk
Like we used 2 do
Now it seems pretty
Strange but I'm not
Buggin' 'cause I still feel
The same yeah yeah (check it out)
I'll keep giving loving
Till the day he pushes me away
Never go astray
If he knew the
Things I did he couldn't
Handle it
And I choose 2 keep him
Protected oh


I think about us baby all the time
But you know that I'm gonna need some attention
Yeah, yeah can you dig it
Love you forever baby soul & mind
But you gotta know if
You don't give it I'ma
Get mine

Oh I oh I oh I yeah (come on sing along y'all)
Oh I oh I oh I yeah (Left Eye, Left Eye, Left Eye...)
Oh I oh I oh I baby (Left Eye, Left Eye, Left Eye...)
Oh I oh I Oh I yeah

Oh I Oh I Oh I am the surgeon general
I do believe in lyrical miracles (Warning!)
Creepin' may cause hysterical behavior in the mind
Put your life into a bind
And in time make you victim to a passionate crime
Now pregnant women put themselves at greater risk of bein' dissed
Known as no one for not knowin' who the daddy is
Which may result in little kids growin' up by the dozens
Gettin' sexually involved with first cousins
Creepin' is the number one item on the chart
Rippin' families apart the leadin' cause of a broken heart
Injuries can be fatal may in fact of prenatal
HIV is often sleepin' in a creepin' cradle


I creep around because I need some attention
Don't mess around with my affection

Oh I oh I oh I yeah

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