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American Gold Lyrics
Pride starts wars
Seems love has died
Too soon... when will we try?
I'll give breath to save your life
Bombs are falling from the sky
I'll be bold enough to fight
By your side... by your side

I think none of us are safe
We been in and out the race
Cries they echo into space
Tragedies we have to face

I lost some friends... some friends that I didn't want to
I lost some stars... my heart bleeds red, white, and blue
I've been in and out of the fire battling for you
Bleeding on American soil

I bleed American gold
On this American soil
We pay for the price it costs
I bleed this American gold
I cry for the one's I lost
I pray for the ones that don't
I'm bleedin' on American Soil
I'm needin' this American gold

I'm bleedin' yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm bleedin' American gold, gold, gold, yeah, yeah
And it's leaking from my sou-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohlll

Feelin' undefeated
From the ones who try to have power over you
Don't let 'em control you
Can't let 'em get through
Get through

Won't you let 'em know right now
You won't let 'em drag you
Yeah, you always gon' pull through... pull through
You're coming out strong strong strong
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