Third Eye Blind - Water Landing Lyrics

Third Eye Blind Lyrics

Water Landing Lyrics
When will I start to learn
I'm bleeding in this game
Cause she uses boys like bandages
But the wounds remain the same
And I hope you find it through this endless wandering
I'm missing you for so long
You're a question mark and a scar
You twist me up like a tourniquet
Till I don't know who we are
Chasing after you won't change a thing
And I hope you make it through this endless wandering
Change everything I know, but she won't let me come
And she won't let me go
Let me come inside

I was late and my face was wet, toe up on a private jet
Spiraling down with a cigarette, where we going now cause I forget
Cause I gotta get it all but it takes a toll
Well I guess you'll have to grow a soul
Dark side giving me such a pull, such a pull and if its a
Water landing
Then its a water landing

Put on your life vest only if told to do so
Well I'm telling you now
Strap it across your chest
Prepare yourself for impending death
You and me are nose-diving
At the speed of whiplash, life passes by
In an endless plane crash
Muffled I love you through an oxygen mask
On my face, brace, brace
And the cabin erupts with religious conversions
God's sick joke as we lose the engines
Some people scream and some people are gracious
And the reason's the same
Cause the sky outside is so spacious
So if it's a water landing
Then it's a water landing
And it's coming inside

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