Third Eye Blind - Another Life (Hidden Track) Lyrics

Third Eye Blind Lyrics

Another Life (Hidden Track) Lyrics
people's eyes say i'm no damn good
shut down and left lonely
only with the maybe we could
i stay inside cos i'm misunderstood
i can't get no release

i'm shell-shocked from some heavy blows
a stranger to the people i know
who used to say "he never had a down day"
now i'm holding on to can't let goes
and silence brings no peace

because another life
went through my window pane
and i don't know why
i've got a will to burn

in attic rooms i just shut my door (shut my door)
for seven weeks maybe seven more (seven more)
it's like i face a seven-headed whore
the fight's knocked out of me

No measure for grief and I can t find it with the sound
Break down, to the great god of the hand me down
Holding the past around wound up at the lost and found
where the colors all turn to grey

wait a minute and

i'm coming of a down day
colorized, the city plays a double feature today
and life is long, and something is wrong
but i want to know what's going on and on

in another life
cos it's good again
and it will never die
i've got a will to burn
to see you again
it's like another life
it's like I'll not get better
a will to burn

oh the time goes by and i realize, that i'm alright
you thought nothing would be the same
but life comes 'round again
quick wits and all curious
all caught up in what you say
and makes me grab the time
before it slips away

i can't stay and i cannot wait
and i'm grateful to whistle past a grave yard gate
the flicker fade is getting stronger
like when the days start getting longer
i got the rhythm down now in the places we warred
the golden gate is like my diving board
and life is pointless
but what's so wrong with that?

cos there's another life
and a sweeter pain
and it will never die
you got a will to burn
to see you again
it's like another life
i feel the whole thing happen
the will to burn

to see you again
it's like another life
i got another life
i got another life

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