The Temptations - You're My Everything Lyrics

The Temptations Lyrics

You're My Everything Lyrics
You surely must know magic girl
Cause you've changed my life
It was dull and ordinary
You made it sunny and bright

Now i was blessed the day i found you
Gonna build my whole world around you,
Your every thing good
And your all that mattres to me

When my way was dark and troubles were near
Your love provided the light so i could see
Girl just knowing your love was near
When times were bad kept the world
From closing in on me girl


Baby your part of every thought i think each day
Your name is in ev'ry phrase my lips say
Every dream i dream is about you honey
I can't live without you

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
You're my everything you're my everything

Your the girl i sing about
In every love song i sing your
My winter baby my summer
My fall and spring now


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