The Temptations - Just One Last Look Lyrics

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Just One Last Look Lyrics
Stop right there.
Let me picture you in my mind for the last time.
Soon you'll be walking out of my life.
Let me gaze upon you for the last time.

I need something to hold on to.
Something to carry me through.
All I need is one last look before you go.
So I'll have memories where ever I go.
One last look before you're gone.
So in my heart you'll live on and on.

Just one last look before we part.
So memories of you will fill my heart.
Let me remember my whole life through.
'Cause my happiest days, I've spent with you.

I remember your eyes that was my treasure.
Your tender lips that brought me pleasure.
Oh, loving you, I don't regret.
And all these things I don't want to forget.

How being without you will be hard to do.
But I want, I want what's best for you.
I rather see you happy with someone new, baby.
Than to bring, bring sorrow to you.

As you leave.
If you see tears in my eyes, just keep on walking.
Don't you worry.

All these tears you see, are tears of joy.
The joy of loving you and knowing you'd loved me.
It's given me enough happiness, so true.
To last my whole life through.

Just one last look before you go.
Let sweet memories overflow.
So the thought of you will live on and on.
Long after, after you're gone.

If I never see your face again.
Never feel your, your embrace again.
The happiness I've known with you,
Will stay with me, baby.
My whole through.

Just, just one last look before we part.
Just one last look to fill my heart.
Just one last look...

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