Penthouse Players Clique - I'm a Playa (Bitch) Lyrics

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Penthouse Players Clique - I'm a Playa (Bitch) Lyrics
[PPC 1]
Yeahh.. bout time the troops do it, stay true with another flow
So I keep it fluid, stack to stack, but still I flip this hoe
You know like I know players do playin why you push me?
Can't be goin out like no trick just cause of my love for good pussy
Brown-skinned and body like BOW BOW has to have it (gots to)
But breakin myself for a hoe? Nah that's that silly rabbit
And I'm not here Slim Jim's a choosy fellow
And I got my choice, do you hear me baby? Hello!
Nah, I ain't clownin just remindin you of the fact
When you met this black young playa, you met a mack
And I only say that, cause bitches tell me everyday
"You can have all you want, long as I can come and play"
Now if I got it like that, then I'm mackin to the tune
Don't make an ass out of u and me just cause you assume
Yeah it might be to get her home to groan, no I ain't rich
But one thing's for god damn sure, I'm a playa bitch

[Chorus: PPC (repeat 3X)]

I'm a playa, BITCH! I thought you knew
like every other playa, in my crew

[PPC 2]
Eloquent, slick, saavy conversation
undoubtedly makes me pimp of the nation
A power playa, conclusively describes me
So when you hear the term refer to PPC
Suckers speculated, on how a true playa chilled
but didn't peep the real but had their hands in the till
So how you figure nigga you can bullshit a bullshitter
One hit I got the one-hitter quitter
Three hundred and thirty-degrees of jungle fever
F*ck black pussy, I don't want y'all either
Got me an Italian bitch, on my diggy diggy dick
I'm thinkin about sellin out cause all you black hoes trippin
So what's my occupation? Yo, I sell pussy hoes
I got a boost a nympho dick sucka
Taught her every single way to play a motherf*cker
If you proper doppa zoppa you gon' slang that ass


[PPC 1]
Oh yeah, now Pimpin Carl, told me to kick the hoes to the curb
Any disrespectin bitch I diss gets what a bitch deserves
I met this tender, golden skin, green eyes, thick and lean
Baby told me she was twenty but bitch was only seventeen
But the pussy, that shit was like angel food cake
and I woulda ate it, but that woulda been a fatal mistake
Baby came to the Penthouse tried to clown me with my girl
I ain't been up in you bitch, so why you rockin my world?
Now my lady didn't trip, she just stayed in her place
like a lady's supposed to, and I shut the door in the young bitch's face
Next time break it from the top serve me not from the bottom
I know you know I know you know bitches bitch I got em
I makes love to my lady and f*ck my bitches swell
I treat my lady like a bitch sometimes but she can't tell
So this is from me to you, I know which is which
So call me when you're twenty-two, cause I'm a playa bitch


[PPC 2]
I told you befo' just like I'm tellin you now
We all can co-exist without a motherf*ckin twist
I'm a P.I.M.P. - Positive Image Makin Progress
F*ck the dumb shit I kicks that fly shit
For you bitches, I got my hand in the pussy jar
So who's next to get kicked out the car
of this money back guaranteed bitch getter
Smooth hoe stealer, chug-a-luggin on a Miller
I got the bank, finesse, looks and brains
and a big fat black long ding-a-ling
So tally ho, tally ho, said it befo'
No insubordination out of my hoes
If you steppin this way girl you payin what you weigh
That's what my playa buddy RaeRae used to always say
cause I'ma Trojan, and I'm rollin like Nolan
And best believe girl the car ain't stolen!

[Chorus (2/3rds)]

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