My Year Without Sex Soundtrack Lyrics

My Year Without Sex Lyrics

From the Album: My Year Without Sex Soundtrack (2009) (buy at

Uncle Bill - The World's Got Everything In It
The Renovators - Left With The Blues
Bombazine Black - Bowler On A Nail
Emily Hayes - Soon I Will Be Done
El Perro Del Mar - Glory To Th World
Boom Crash Opera - Hands Up In The Air
Bob Evans - Don't Walk Alone
Mick Harvey - Just A Little Bit Of Rain
Bananarama - Venus
The Honey Eaters - Upset Girl
Bombazine Black - Harpsichord
The Vanguards - Hair Suit
The Eels - Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
Happening Thang - Wages Of Love
The Audreys - Lay Me Down
Bombazine Black - Sticks
The Bads - So Alive
Little Birdy - You're Beautiful To Me

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