Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack Lyrics

Muppet Christmas Carol Lyrics

From the Album: Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack (1992) (buy at
Muppet Christmas Carol
- Scrooge
- Room In Your Heart
- One More Sleep 'Till Christmas
- Marley And Marley
- Chairman of the Board
- When Love is Gone
- It Feels Like Christmas
- Christmas Scat
- Bless Us All
- Thankful Heart
- When Love is Found/It Feels Like Christmas
- When Love is Gone (reprise) (feat. Martina McBride)

- Christmas Morning [Instrumental]
- Christmas Future [Instrumental]
- Fozziwig's Party [Instrumental]
- Christmas Past [Instrumental]
- Good King Wenceslas [Instrumental]
- Overture [Instrumental]

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