Memphis: A New Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Memphis: A New Musical Lyrics

From the Album: Memphis: A New Musical Soundtrack (2011) (buy at

Delray, Felicia and Company - Underground
Huey, Felicia and Company - The Music Of My Soul
Wailin' Joe And Company - Scratch My Itch
Felicia - Ain't Nothin But A Kiss
The Company - Everybody Wants To Be Black On A Saturday Night
Huey, Mama, Felicia And Company - Make Me Stronger
Colored Woman - Colored Woman
Felicia And Back-Up Singers - Someday
Delray And Huey - She's My Sister
Huey And Company - Radio
Gator And Company - Say A Prayer
Huey And Dancers - Crazy Little Huey
Bobby - Big Love
Felicia And Company - Love Will Stand When All Else Falls
Delray, Felicia, Huey, Gator, Bobby And Company - Stand Up
Mama, Delray, Gator And Bobby - Change Don't Come Easy
Huey And Dancers - Tear Down The House
Huey And Company - Memphis Lives In Me
Huey, Felicia and Company - Steal Your Rock 'N' Roll
David Bryan - The Music Of My Soul

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