SYNOPSIS Lyrics - Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Soundtrack

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Soundtrack Lyrics

A narrator tells us we are about to hear the story of a person like any one of us - a dreamer - whose dreams came true (PROLOGUE). We jump back to Biblical times and meet Jacob, who had twelve sons of whom Joseph was his favorite (JACOB AND SONS). To show his love for Joseph, Jacob gives him a multi-coloured coat (JOSEPH'S COAT). Joseph's brothers resent the favoritism and the fact that Joseph has high aspirations (JOSEPH'S DREAMS). Fraught with jealousy, the brothers throw him in a pit and are going to leave him there when they are approached by the Ishmaelites. They change their minds and sell Joseph off to slavery in Egypt, telling their father he had been killed by a goat (POOR POOR JOSEPH / ONE MORE ANGEL IN HEAVEN).

In Egypt, Joseph works for POTIPHAR and manages to achieve great heights by working very hard. But when Potiphar's wife tries to seduce Joseph and they are caught together, Joseph is thrown into prison (POOR POOR JOSEPH / CLOSE EVERY DOOR). Everything seems to be lost but Joseph's hope is rekindled when he interprets the dreams of two other prisoners - the Pharaoh's Butler and Baker (GO GO GO JOSEPH). Up at the palace, Pharaoh is having some very strange dreams himself (PHARAOH STORY / POOR POOR PHARAOH). The butler, now freed, remembers Joseph and tells the king of his interpratative powers. Pharaoh sends for Joseph and the dreams are explained (SONG OF THE KING / PHARAOH'S DREAMS EXPLAINED). There is going to be a period of plenty in the land, followed by a harsh famine. Pharaoh is impressed by Joseph and makes him his second in command (STONE THE CROWS).

Back in Canaan, the future looks rough. Jacob's family is finding it tough, remembering the good times they once had (THOSE CANAAN DAYS). Deciding the cannot live on what they have, THE BROTHERS GO TO EGYPT to ask for food. They appear before Joseph and do not recognise him. Joseph makes them GROVEL, and then accuses Benjamin of stealing his precious golden cup (WHO'S THE THIEF?). The brothers leap to his defence (BENJAMIN CALYPSO) and Joseph sees they are changed men. He reveals himself (JOSPEH ALL THE TIME). Everyone rejoices and Jacob is happy to be reunited with his beloved son (JACOB IN EGYPT). Joseph sings of his dreams once more and displays an even more fabulous technicolor dreamcoat (ANY DREAM WILL DO/GIVE ME MY COLORED COAT).

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