Sworn Enemy - Sworn Enemy Lyrics

Sworn Enemy Lyrics

Sworn Enemy Lyrics
Take my hand
I'll lead you to the promise land
A tale we've heard so many times before
You pray for pain
My design is not built that way
Follow the leader and see what you get suffering

Sworn, sworn enemy
Of the human race
God save me
From this retchid place
My last breath I would give for you
Just to assure that I'd see your face and in the end my memory
Would be the thoughts of a better day

Time is pain
What's your gain
When nothings left
A little something is more then nothing in my eyes
Give me a glimmer of hope
And I'll show you what it's worth
Can you see the light
Flash at the end of the tunnel
[back to chorus]

Thoughts of a better day

The screams, the horror,
The tragedy of 9/11

Save me, help me
Save me, help me
Save me, help me
Save me
The sight of you I despise
I'll help you meet your maker and I wont think twice

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