Sworn Enemy - As Real As It Gets Lyrics

Sworn Enemy Lyrics

As Real As It Gets Lyrics
Friends like you I don't need
Friends like you I'd rather watch bleed
The pain you've caused the wrong you've done
One thing I know is thatyour time will come
I got a feeling there is no ending
So hear this message that I'm sending
I try to forget the past it's done,
The battle's over but the war
Has yet begun
The war has yet begun
You're the disease and I'm the cure
So put your money on me
There's no teeling what I may do
It's so plain to see
We laughed togheter, we stood totheter,
We were almost one
Then that fatal day you changed on me,
Now the war has begun
I take a look in your eyes, I don't like what I see
You lived your life as a fake and
I'm as real as can be
I lived my life and faced my own realities
You lived your life of pure fantasy
Once was a time I thought that you were my friend
Live your life like a bitch, ou'll be alone till the end
This shit is over done, your future won't change
But I'll be happy when I piss on you're grave
This is as real as it gets, when I piss on youre grave
This is as real as it gets, when I piss on youre grave
Your grave, grave, grave, grave, grave!
As real as it gets

Here I stand just a man alone
In this world I do the best I can
I don't know why I was lead down this path
Maybe to see if I can withstand
You leave my mind left with twisted thoughts,
A cure for this can not be bought
Your end of days is in sight
So be prepared to meet my might
Stand on my feet I won't fall to my knees
I'll be this way for as long as I breath
No fear in my heart I won't let it start
Let me tell you something I won't fall apart
Look into my eyes can you see the pain
Do you understand it's you I want to maim?
Ready to explode as the insanity builds
Raging like a wild man
This time I'll get my fill

You want to talk shit about me and my family
Disrespect my kind
I'll pound your f*cking face out
Sworn Enemy from Queens, NY

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