Swishahouse - Throwed Lyrics

Swishahouse Lyrics

Throwed Lyrics
Ha come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on
5th Ward Weebie got the girls you know
Swisha-Swish-Swishahouse, got the girls with us
See up in this building right now, Fat Boy Entertainment
Swishahouse baby, we gon do it like this here
Rock with me, rock with me, rock with me

[Hook x2]
I'm looking for a girl, that's throwed
Nice feet, ice white teeth that's throwed
The way she backing and working that thang, that's throwed
6-5-4 she high, now let's go oh

[5th Ward Weebie]
You gotta rock-rock-rock-rock-rock the boat
I heard you was a head hunter, with a sloppy throat
Now like a man, come and break it off and let Weebie you understand
Now you know this boy go off
Now come on baby won't you back it up, I'm about to smack it up
That ass sitting low, so I guess I gotta jack it up
Put you on the wall and make you holla, ooh daddy
Call your other girl, and toss that thang like a salad
No I ain't no freak, I'm just a little bit nasty
I like a one night stand, I ain't trying to get married
5th Ward Weebie, got them girls going crazy
After I get with em, they be trying to have babies
Look at shorty she throwed, she working that there
Fat Boy Entertainment, gon serve that there
You know I like 'em throwed off, first time clothes off
Shit I ain't tripping, I got plenty I could roll something

[Hook x2]

[Mike Jones]
I want a cutie, that could drop it like it's hot
And do tricks with the booty
A floozy that'll straight up, tell me she wanna do me
A girl that can twerk and squirt on it, like she knew me
In the streets she classy, in the sheets she nasty
Doing shit for me without me even much asking
Mike Jones, she's 36-25-34
Cute face slim waste, need I say more
These girls, in Clutch City
Come equipped, with big hips lips and titties them big old thangs
You wanna jump in leather wood, then drop your g-string
Let your tongue hang, and show off your tongue ring
Now play with it, slowly lick your lips with it
And show all the tricks, that you can do with it
That g-string you got on, got everybody watching
Niggaz bopping, and them hating hoes knocking
Cause your feet really nice, your teeth ice white
You the throwed lil' mama, I been looking for all night
So just come with Mike Jones, walk with Mike Jones
So when I'm done with your ass, you gon crawl for Mike Jones

[Hook x2]

You don't want it with me, I'm just popular
Now these people, pay to party with me
I got girls in the V.I.P., getting it on
And they ain't leaving, till they show they thong
Some slim some big, some know they wrong
But they all act a fool, when they hear my song
I'm Choppa-Choppa, yeah I got another one
Street baller Body Head, did I-did I stutter son
I'm wilding out, off a bottle of Henn
Got a line of girls waiting, at the Holiday Inn
Mike Jones and Choppa-Chop, always flocking 'em in
But I'm stopping again, cause she ain't hot as your friend
Yeah I told your girl, don't hate a playa
But if you is a throwed chick, you can page a playa
I heard 5th Ward Weebie, got them hoes off the heezie
Your boy lil' Choppa, bout to break 'em off proper
And I heard, when she want the right song
Who she call for Mike Jones, holla at your boy
Houston and New Orleans, ain't no way you gon serve me
Choppa-Choppa hold it down, representing that Dirty

She want Chop-Chop
She love Chop-Chop [x3]
She want, she want, she want, she want
She want Mike Jones [x4]
She want, she want, she want, she want
She want, she wan

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