The Swellers - The Inside Lyrics

The Swellers Lyrics

The Inside Lyrics
Everyone's an animal somewhere within.
Some are parasites, but looks can be deceiving.
Weak, they drag the others and their pride down with.
We're taught to run and hide, until we start believing.

Face your design, open your mind.

When you're broken you will know
On the inside
Do you feel like you'll explode,
On the inside?
And when you think that you've found hate
On the inside
Don't forget we're all the same
On the inside
Ever since the day you opened up your eyes,
It's sorted out for you, everything is black and white.
Lying on the pavement staring at the sky,
The pavement knows the truth: we're one under the streetlights.

Wait for a sign, you're out of time.

[Chorus x2]

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