Sunfield After Carnage - It's Alright Lyrics

Sunfield After Carnage Lyrics

It's Alright Lyrics
I see fall is coming over me,
leaves going down raining.
My soul slides away,
but there's kids all over the street,
School happens to be over.

The bus is waiting at the corner,
and rich people just take a walk by.
There are things in my head that are not meant to be,
maybe I'm smiling.

It's allright, cause I'm not just like you,
Anyways I couldn't live with you ( I was here just thinking )
Why the hell, a kind of girl like you was staying there.

Down the place where I live,
Friends I know,
Friends.. I want to forgive.
There's a bum on the corner,
And I just wanna be... like the other I can see.

Hello Mr You, I'm not that one you knew, for,
a gentle littler soldier.
But I know I can be,
as good as you'll never be.


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