Sun Eats Hours - Tour All Over Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Tour All Over Lyrics
Are you braced to change your views?
To pile up all your beliefs?
'Cause we're gonna take you all
Thru a shortcut
But we're not thieves

I said it's a short cut
Even it's not really short
Cause it burns most of how
We act, think and also f*ck

Values they taught
Unnoticed obligation

Slaves of these deceits,
Too deeply internalized.
Listen to us, young guys!
Go protect your minds

We're gonna party
No one can tell us NO
Cause now we're gonna
We're gonna party
No one can stop us NOW
We leave the message all over the world

We worked for generations
Sacrificing other's freedom
Killing each other
To gain something we lose
Every time we die.

Don't you feel that it's wrong?
The life's conception we were taught
Cannot keep us quiet anymore
Na na na na na na na na

It cannot keep us quiet anymore!
Na na na na na na na na

The bastards want us to believe
War is the way to feel free
No other ways to live in peace
F*ck 'em all!
They cannot keep us quiet anymore!

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