Sun Eats Hours - Sincerely Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Sincerely Lyrics
OK here I am growing up with you and
I've done nothing,
To be lucky as I am;
There are so many guys
That are running only to be alive,
I'm running in the fields where grass grows,
The sun is marvelous,
But how many guys
Are running only to run
Like I am doing now?

I don't know
I don't know
We must feel good

I know that every day
You say something like you are unlucky,
Well I didn't really think it
Because death never passed by our eyes.
Look at my eyes
And do believe what I'm singing,
I know I've got the right,
And I wish they'll be running to run
Like I am doing now

Never give up with your f*ckin' life
Never ever throw out what someone has done for you,
Why someone bled for us.
Look at the world situation, were only f*ckin' less
Who thought to got freedom
And thought to have yeah more than that.

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