Sun Eats Hours - Pain Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Pain Lyrics
Have you ever run into
The harsh mediocracy
Of the people around you
The people who you never thought
Could give you so much pain
Give you so much despair
And the regret realizing
What was the f*cking hidden reality
What was the f*cking hidden reality?

And after that it’s difficult
To find again the ability
To remain capable of living
With a belief in dreams
Although you know you are truly
All alone

Now I found the truth
I think it was better
To not search too far away
Never ever
But now I’ve done it

Have you ever made a choice
Against your will?
But you’ve been taken on that way
Only ‘cause there weren’t
Other ways to solve
The question
To come back and change
Others’ falsity and the unfair past.

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