Sun Eats Hours - I'll Equipped Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

I'll Equipped Lyrics
You’ve never really faced situations.
You’ve never made some hard
And strong decisions.
You’ve never split good and bad
In net divisions.

You let your twenty years
Slip away from you.
And now you act
Like you were a ten-years-old.
You’ve never had the courage
To have someone fight against you.

You’ve always preferred having
The others pull the strings.
Waiting for an easy victory,
You’ve never been the first in line,
Never the one for the trial lap,
Never the first one to jump,
Never the one that works hard.

Remember that to dream in life, you
have to believe in what you hope for,
And to believe it you have to know
how to risk, with all of yourself.

It won’t be enough to dream.
Unless you continue hanging on
to someone that realizes
at the same time, his and your wishes.

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