Sun Eats Hours - I Against The World Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

I Against The World Lyrics
Like when I was at school
I had to seem a good polite boy
And I had to do what they wanted me to,
Now I am out but the rules did not change
It's the same old story
It's the same old f*ckin' rotten game.

Fake smiles, they're always fine
There's nothing different
From Carry's Truman Show
I'm fed up looking at you
Knowing all your deceits.

Run Run away
Don't try to make me stay
I decided to change and now
I'm gonna play my game
Leave this place
I'm going to try and try
Fighting against your lies
Till my dreams come true.

You Know what I am doing
I suppose you could refuse it
But I'll never accept your lies
To try to make me seem
A new enemy of the correct nations
A new warning to give to children
Of the person they're not supposed to be

'Cause they have to grow up as robots
Or at best never grow up
I'm fed up looking at you
Knowing all your deceits.

We want to open with this melody
To ask you to think and
Fight for your freedom
We would appreciate to see at our gigs
people who care about their lives
We can make a change if you stand up and
Reach a decision

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