Summon - Beyond The Gates Of Storm Lyrics

Summon Lyrics

Beyond The Gates Of Storm Lyrics
Blindest bid amongst the temples

Of shame and torment sins

Blind we walk with father winds

Of knowledge long ago...

From an age of wrath and might

Sins of torment reign

Blackest depth of northern souls

Wallow in its grave

Dark supreme amongst you all

I question who is Lord?

Dream to me a sorrowed path

Of unholy ways to come

In an image of might and sin

Torment shadows reign

From black depths may mighty be

The soul of warriors lost

Welcome to my world of woe

Where sorrow reigns supreme

Blinded by darkness,shadows be

Forever lost in time...

Open up your soul and release

Your mortal desires unto me

Bestowed upon an ancient throne

Longing to be set free

To ride amongst bitter cold winds

To ride with the storm

Hear the echoing call of blackest fates to be

Feel the power of the darkest lord

Writhing in the north

Above whose powers shalt be

The mightiest of them all

To reign supreme amongst the false

Crushed into sands of time

Lost in decades of fate

And destined to never return...

Worlds shall suffer,bonds shall break

To times of unknown fate

Of what lies beyond these gates

Destined i am to dwell

Alone and cold with hopes of promised fate

Wander in forgotten realms
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