Summon - Baptized By Fire Lyrics

Summon Lyrics

Baptized By Fire Lyrics
I will use the sign of fire

To invoke my hate and wrath

With my heart I bleed the thoughts

The thoughts of burning death

Baptized by fire,of burning death

Into my world ablaze,reborn in hate,of dancing fate

Enter a world of dancing flames for it's far too late

Hear its lickering chant as Satan grasps your soul

Inhale the burning stench of death and scorch this mortal coil

Baptized by fire,reborn in hte

Oh,what blackened hate,unworthy souls to burn

Oh,what blackened fate,of hellish winds return

Unworthy souls do burn,unto my world ablaze reborn by fire!

Welcome to thy kingdom,of ever burning fate

Your soul will writhe in anguish,in this burning pit of fate!
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